Monday, 21 March 2016

Buy Burqini/Burkini at an M&S store now! Truly multicultural now eh?

Yet again today,the topic of Burqini has made its way to the top!
Remember in 2011, it made news when the Mayor of Italy banned 'masked /Women' from beaches and pools?

So,Burqini is back in news! Why?

This time it made news because England's favourite Retailer M&S has decided to pander to the Muslim population of England and launched the burqini swim suits.

You can now buy a Burqini from their Retail stores or online Burqini sales.Although one could buy Burqini from Amazon and eBay,but stores like M&S, catering for Muslims in the U.K is an upheaval,considering how annoyed the Britons are today because of why everything is going halal to cater for the Muslims and the Britishness seems to be lost somewhere according to them.

It made news because every women has the right to choose what to wear.She can have it all hanging out or she can cover herself completely. It is Her and her choice alone!It not just a Muslim woman's right to choose,EVERY woman on this planet who loves to swim but is holding back because of poor self image,old and mature body, post baby body or just out of modesty,has the right to choose what to wear!

It made news because England is a multicultural country and every resident has the right to freedom.Every company has the right to choose what to sell. I was reading comments on daily mails blog post about Burqini and I was shocked to read some of the racists comments and the hatred that was coming for M&S just because they decided to do something like this! Now we know what is wrong with this world!

It is not an outlandish idea. Atleast not when it comes to business.

When you read all the hate comments for Muslims and all the anti Muslims posts all over the media, you would think that all that racism means that it could be the end of Muslims in Britain soon...but here we are,famous designers launching the abaya range(Dolce and Gabanna) , DKNY, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, and Monique Lhuillier,all selling One-off range during Ramadan or as a line throughout the year!
 Where is racism ? It is all about generating revenue and making profit from the potential market.

This move by M&S would stimulate any brain to think why is it called the Burqini?

Why not just modest swim wear.Is modesty just restricted to Muslims? I don't think so.

Why is it not called a post pregnancy Swimwear,for women with body image issues straight after pregnancy?They need to keep fit don't they?

Why is it not called the Solar suit as it will protect the wearer from skin cancer?

Why did M&S chose to use the word Burqini? There is so much to think about here.
They saw the potential and made a commercial decision for the world's fastest growing religion! Racism...Nah! Business...Yeah!

On a positive note,I will end this post by applauding M&S for taking this huge step towards showing the world how tolerant Britain is!Well Done ,Your M&S!

Lots of love,

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